Industrial Paper

We manufacture all kinds of Industrial paper, from Abrasive to Filter Paper to Laboratory Grade Papers

IndUstrial Paper

We manufacture Industry-specific paper such as:

• Filter Paper for Automobile & Oil Industries.

• Abrasive Paper.

• Seed Germination Paper.

• Electrical Grade Insulation Papers etc.

• Laboratory Grade Filter Papers for qualitative, quantitative and gravimetric purpose confirming to International Standards.


Laboratory grade filter papers

  1. The innovative features of these filter papers make them the perfect choice for many
  2. The qualitative and quantitative filter papers are manufactured from high-quality wood pulp.
  3. A wide choice of retention/flow rate combinations can be offered to match numerous laboratory applications.
  4. The different groups of filter papers offer increasing degrees of purity, hardness, chemical resistance and Filtration speeds.
  5. Gemini quantitative filter papers have extremely high purity for analytical and gravimetric work.
  6. 85 gsm standard filter paper is the most widely used filter paper for routine applications with medium retention and flow rate. This grade covers a wide range of laboratory applications and is frequently used for clarifying liquids. Traditionally, this grade is used in qualitative analytical separations for precipitates such as lead sulphate, calcium oxalate (hot), and calcium carbonate.
  7. Extended range of sizes includes 850 mm Reel width or combinations of width within 850 mm and can also be supplied in suitable sheet sizes/Circles of various standard diameters…
  8. These extremely strong filter papers have a high wet strength due to the addition of a small quantity of chemically stable food grade resin.
  9. Another important feature of our Filter Papers is very low ash content. (< 0.0025%).
  10. Filter papers are manufactured in the range of 80 gsm -200 gsm.


GEMMAN Laboratory Grade Filtrate Papers

Special Features of GEMMAN Laboratory Grade Filtrate Papers:

  • Highly pure filter papers for qualitative analysis
  • Hardened highly pure filter papers for qualitative analysis
  • Ashless filter papers for quantitative analysis
  1. Hardened (ashless) filter papers (<0.002%), especially recommended for vacuum and pressure filtration, and for the use of acidic and alkaline solutions.
  2. Made of super-refined cotton linters and cellulose α-Cellulose content above 95%, therefore high stability and durability.
  3. Acid-washed and rinsed with water.
  4. Free of minerals and metallic ions, ideal for the detection of metallic ions
  5. Hardened by small quantities of nitrogen-containing resin, which does not introduce significant impurities into the filtrate
  6. High wet strength; easy to scrap off or wash off precipitates
  7. High resistance to aggressive chemical components,like sulphuric and nitric acids (up to 40 % at 50 ° Celsius) and alkalis (up to 10 % at 20 ° Celsius).
  8. For analytical applications, routine quantitative and /or gravimetric procedures.


Technical specifications:


  1. For coarse crystalline precipitates.
  2. Determination of proteins.
  3. Determination of fibres in foodstuffs.
  4. Cement analysis
  5. Analysis in electroplating: baths of aluminium, chrome and copper


  1. For fine crystalline precipitates.
  2. Gravimetric determination of metals in acidic/alkaline solutions.
  3. Analysis in electroplating: baths of aluminium, copper, nickel and tin.

GEMMAN 440/442

  1. For very fine crystalline precipitates.
  2. Gravimetric analysis of fine metals: barium and lead sulphate, nickel and tin sulphide, oxalate and calcium fluoride.