CSR Initiatives

We at GGPL acknowledge society’s contribution in making us what we are today and understand the importance of giving it back to the Society via our Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We at GGPL acknowledge society’s contribution in making us what we are today and understand the importance of giving it back to the Society. We encourage this activity as a part of our work culture. Confirming with our responsibility to contribute, we have undertaken certain Projects as a part of our commitment and will continue to do so in future.

We have subsidized Canteen facilities in all our 3 Factories offering quality food at extremely subsidized rate.

We provide congenial working atmosphere, and take care of their personal front also by undertaking complete pre-natal, delivery and post-natal expenses for their first child irrespective of their rank and expenses involved.

To encourage education amongst the employee’s children without compromising on meritocracy, we give scholarships to all those students scoring distinction marks in their respective exams, for higher studies.


CSR Initiatives

  1. We are aware of our responsibility to the Society and feel committed to protecting human rights of all concerned and their dignity and fundamental values.
  2. Strong supporters of the MAKE IN INDIA policy initiated by our Hon’ble Prime Minister.
  3. We always encourage giving employment to local rural candidates.
  4. Foster the skills and abilities of our people during their careers with us and create opportunities for personality development.
  5. Respect and commitment for health and safety regulations and working towards a safe and congenial working environment.
  6. Periodically organize health promotion Check up Camps to avoid and combat health related problems.

Our commitment

To our Customers : We believe in Customer Relationship Management which helps us in improving customer retention and driving Sales Growth.

To the people of Bidar : As far as our employment policy is concerned, preference is given to locals. Only when requisite skill and knowledge is un-available,  others are considered.

To our Suppliers / Vendors : We are committed for long term relationship with our suppliers and vendors. We also seek their co-operation for giving us the best quality products and services at fair, competitive prices, terms & conditions.

To our Employees : Employees are considered like our extended family members.  We are committed to give continuous employment to them. No employee will be removed from employment if they work for + to Customer and + to Company. We encourage individuals growth to their fullest potential.

To our Shareholders : The Company is equally committed to protect the interest of its shareholders.

To Women EmpowermentEqual rights to women are given with respect to remunerations, position & responsibilities.


Core Values

Maintaining High degree of efficiency and with international standards – Quality through People and Technology.  Follow processes and practices in a disciplined manner and strive to continuously improve our performance, use DATA in decision making and arrive at Root cause for failure and take immediate corrective action.  Zero tolerance for carelessness, negligence and Indiscipline. Cut all forms of Waste and costs.

We take preventive action immediately to see that same mistakes are not repeated.

We as a routine culture follow strictly the laws of the land and maintain flawless records in accordance with the rules and regulations. It is our constant endeavour to update ourselves in adopting modern systems and upgrading our facilities/systems.